One Example

Consider a 5 foot Drone, requiring 60 watts average sustaining power. A four hour flight with Li Batteries weighing 7 grams per watt-hour would require 3.71 pounds of batteries and the weight would be constant over the four hours.

A fuel cell producing 60 watts would weigh 3.23 pounds, and the fuel at take-off and including a ten percent reserve would be 0.46 pounds, for a total weight of 3.69 pounds. But the fuel gets consumed, and the average weight during the flight would be 3.48 pounds. This might give the Drone 4.4 hours flight with the same take-off weight.

But the real savings comes if you want a much longer flight. Battery weight would have to double, while the fuel cell would only increase the fuel weight by 0.46 lbs. That would double our flight time for 3.73 pounds average total weight. Give us a call for more details.

Another Example

Consider a sensor that requires 2 watts of continuous power, with only short bursts of high power each hour for communicating. If this is to be left unattended for 6 months, the energy requirement would be 9446 watt-hours, and Li batteries would weigh 146 pounds.

With a fuel cell, good for more than 5000 hours, the cell would weigh less than 1 pound, and the fuel for 6 months would weigh 15.4 pounds. I would much rather carry that weight to an assigned spot, and it could keep operating even down to -40 degrees.

Light Methonal Power has Big advantages.

Only has all these advantages.

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